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Elektrim Motors

A Tradition of Quality and Durability

For over thirty-five years, the Toolmex Electric Motor Group has offered high-quality integral electric motors. Constructed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, Elektrim™ are favored by distributors and OEMs. Built big & tough, Elektrim motors are the solution for extreme applications - ones that demand rugged quality, powerful performance and unwavering dependability. Standard features for Elektrim AC TEFC motors include 5:1CT & 10:1VT inverter rating, VPI process applied, oversized ball bearings on both DE & ODE, high service factor up to 1.4, IP55 protection and 3-year warranty. Elektrim motors are high efficiency produced with ISO 9001 quality system, CSA-US certified and CE compliant.


Elektrimax NEMA AC, General Purpose Motors
1-250HP 3PH, 60Hz, Footed, C-Face & D-Flange Motors

Built to meet the mechanical and electrical requirements of typical applications, our Elektrimax General Purpose motors are the choice for those needing greater versatility in design. Features such as VPI as standard, 5:1CT & 10:1VT inverter rating, oversized bearings on both ends, epoxy coating, double-drilled feet and rigid cast iron construction including junction box are just a few ways we offer increased value. The quality & value of our General Purpose motors is so superior that we have upped the warranty—from 2-years to 30-months!

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High Performance Motors, Elektrim NEMA AC
1-500HP 3PH, 60Hz Footed & C-Face Motors 

Built big and tough, our Elektrim High Performance motors are top-of-the-line European motors designed for the most-extreme applications. Features such as a high service factor up to 1.4, these motors have all 12 leaads brought out to the terminal box so they can be reconnected for all 50 and 60HZ voltages without derate. 5:1CT & 10:1VT inverter rating, high lock rotor torque and 3-year warranty have earned Elektrim High Performance motors its place as “the” most recommended motor among industry professionals. 

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Elektrimax NEMA AC, 56C Frame Motors
1/3 to 3HP 1PH & 3PH, 60 Hz, C-Face Footed & Footless Motors

Elektrimax 56C Frame motors are an energy-saving, continuous duty TEFC commercial motor designed for the user who requires good quality performance for home and/or light industries. Available with and without thermal protection & manual reset, footed or footless mounting and in 1PH or 3PH, Elektrimax 56C Frame motors feature a high starting torque, 1.15 service factor, Inverter Rated 3:1 CT & 5:1 VT, IP55 protection and 1-year warranty.

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Elektrimax NEMA AC, Explosion Proof Motors
1-300HP 3PH, 60Hz, Footed and C-Face Motors

Designed for applications requiring UL & CSA certification for locations containing gas, vapor and/or dust in explosive quantities, Elektrimax Explosion Proof 140T-440T frame motors are the versatile solution for the hazardous applications found in the petroleum, natural gas, chemical and industrial paint industries.  Unlike other explosion proof motors, Elektrimax XP are a totally cast iron epoxy coated motor with a 1.15 service factor on both Class I & Class II and are backed by a 3-year warranty.

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Elektrim AC, Metric IEC Motors
0.08-150HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, Footed, B14 & B5 Flanges available.

Elektrim Metric motors are designed to meet international standards and are “the” replacement motor for overseas applications and machinery components.  Available from stock in 60Hz or 50Hz, our IEC Frame motors offer IP55 protection, are design “C” equivalent and have a 3-year warranty.  Select from B3, B35, B34 or B34/1 mounting to replace or import in a variety of applications from pumps, conveyors, fans, and more.  Larger Elektrim Metric Motors, up to 3000HP, are also available upon request.

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