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Hitachi Variable Frequency Drives

Hitachi manufactures a complete family of AC Variable Frequency Inverter induction motor drives below 500hp. Four major product families cover a wide array of applications in the industrial, process, and commercial HVAC markets.


Variable Speed Drives save energy by reducing power consumed by motors driving centrifugal pumps, fans and other rotating equipment. By controlling the speed of a motor, the amount of energy used by the machinery is optimized. Reduced energy use translates to reduced carbon (CO2) emissions.


Hitachi is committed to protecting our environment by providing you with products that help you reduce your environmental impact. Below is a description of the six product families of variable frequency drives offered by Hitachi.


X200 Series

  • Hitachi X200 Series Inverters are manufactured to comply with RoHS standards
  • Sleep Mode functionality is available on all X200 models
  • An optional regenerative converter is available to return power to the AC line rather than wasting it as heat in dynamic braking resistors
  • Contactor-style package (power in at top/motor out at bottom)
  • Emergency stop function
  • Improved trip avoidance
  • Advanced logic and calculate functions
  • Suitable for side-by-side mounting
  • Patented micro-surge voltage suppression
  • Non-stop operation after instantaneous power failure
  • Built in RS-485 Modbus/RTU
  • Ratings ¼ to 3 hp, 230 V, single or 3-phase; 5 to 10 hp, 230 V, 3-phase; ½ to 10 hp, 460 V, 3-phase.

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L100M Series

  • Micro size
  • Hitachi developed ISPM power module ensures extremely quiet operation
  • Intelligent terminals allow user to customize for the application
  • Ratings: 1/4 hp to 1 hp, 115 V, single phase input, 230 V, three phase output

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L300P Series

  • Sleep Mode option board is available (IPU-PSM)
  • Automatic energy saving function for your fan and pump applications
  • Easy operation with a multilingual operator panel
  • Compact design
  • Network compatibility
  • Carrier frequency selectable to 12kHz for quiet operation
  • Ratings: 15 to 75hp, 230V, 3 phase, 15 to 175hp, 460V, 3 phase

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SJ200 Series

  • New Intelligent Sensorless Vector Control – NO Autotuning Required!
  • Up to 200% Starting Torque
  • Most compact Hitachi inverter ever
  • Advanced Logic and Calculate functions
  • Removable terminal strips for easy wiring
  • Dynamic Braking transistor built in
  • Advanced trip avoidance functions
  • Removable Keypad
  • NEMA4X Remote Keypad option
  • MODBUS RTU RS-485 built in
  • Ratings ¼ to 10hp, 230V, single and 3 phase, ½ to 10hp, 460V, 3 phase

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SJ300 Series

  • Advanced Sensorless Vector Control
  • High starting at low speeds (200% at 5Hz, 150% at 0Hz)
  • Full Vector Control with optional Feedback Board
  • Online/offline auto-tuning
  • Master/slave functionality
  • Built in communications
  • RaRatings: ½ to 75hp, 230V, 3 phase, 1 to 200hp, 460V, 3 phase

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SJ700 Series

  • Advanced Sensorless Vector Control
  • High starting at low speeds (150% at 0.3Hz)
  • Full Vector Control with optional Feedback Board
  • Improved and simplified auto-tuning
  • Built-in PLC type programming functions
  • Built in Modbus/RTU communications
  • Ratings: 1/2 hp to 75 hp, 230 V, 3 phase; 1 to 600 hp, 460V, 3 phase

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