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SEW Eurodrive Power Transmission

SEW Eurodrive Power Transmission

R-Series Parallel Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive’s R-Series parallel gearmotors deliver exceptional performance and reliability combined with low maintenance. Available in many confgurations, they continually distinguish themselves with their high effciency and durable gearing.

R-Series Parallel Gearmotors Product Range Reducer Motor Mounting

F-Series (the Snuggler®) - Parallel Helical Gearmotors

Parallel Helical Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive’s F-Series parallel helical gearmotor is the ideal drive for tight spaces. This compact drive, with its multiple mounting configurations and shaft designs, is a rugged alternative to right-angle gearmotors.

Product Range Reducer Motor Mounting

K-Series - Helical-Bevel Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive’s K-Series helical-bevel gearmotors contain high torque density with the highest efficiency available in a right-angle design. Instead of losing energy via the sliding friction of a worm gear, the K-series uses much lower rolling friction of helical and bevel gears. The result is minimum heat and maximum energy savings to the end user.

K-Series - Helical-Bevel Gearmotors Product Range Reducer Motor Mounting

S-Series - Helical-Worm Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive’s S-Series right angle gearmotors offer helical-worm gearing that combines durability with exceptional performance in a compact design. Its helical input stage provides greater efficiency than a single stage worm unit. An additional helical gear unit added to the input enables very large ratios.

S-Series - Helical-Worm Gearmotors Product Range Reducer Motor Mounting

P2 series - Industrial Planetary Gearmotors / Gear Units

Industrial Planetary Gearmotors / Gear Units

SEW-Eurodrive’s P2 series combination planetary gearmotor offers high torque with low output speed. The planetary half provides high output torque in a compact design. The gearmotor half provides additional ratio and integrates directly onto the input to eliminate a coupling and an adapter flange. The result is a very rigid, compact gear unit. To enhance design flexibility, the gearmotor input is available in either coaxial inline or right-angle.

Product Range Standard Features Mounting Configurations Optional Features Applications

MC series – Compact - Heavy Industrial Speed Reducers

Heavy Industrial Speed Reducers

Thousands of MC series gear units have been successfully used in numerous applications throughout the world. MC series is designed for the smaller torque range up to 575,000 lb-in. Very compact. Global presence plus local support and assembly in USA!

Product Range Standard Features Mounting Configurations

Mixer and Agitator Drive - MC with Extended Bearing Distance (EBD)

In mixing and aerating applications, the impeller shaft is subject to large thrust and radial forces. Traditional mixer designs typically incorporate a radial bearing near or at the bottom of the impeller shaft and a thrust bearing at the top of the shaft. An alternate design uses an oversized gear unit. Either design is usually expensive.

SEW-Eurodrive’s Extended Bearing Distance (EBD) design offers a stronger bearing within the gear unit itself. Therefore, it is often unnecessary to oversize the gear unit.

Two solid shafts are available. For equipment containing an external radial bearing, the smaller diameter shaft can support large axial and moderate radial loads. For equipment with no external bearings, the larger diameter can support high radial and moderate axial loads. An alternative hollow shaft is available for moderate radial and moderate axial loads.

MC with Extended Bearing Distance (EBD) Product Range Standard Features Mounting Configurations

DR Motor - Modular AC Motors and Brakemotors

The low-inertia rotor design of SEW’s squirrel-cage DR motor and brakemotor provides outstanding system stability, tight control, and high-cycling capacity. In many cases, its high performance allows it to replace a servo motor.

With a patented dual coil design and specialized rectifiers, its fail-safe brake delivers extremely fast stopping and starting times with minimal drift. Moreover, its low-noise operation and quiet braking make it perfectly suited for theater applications.

Every DR motor frame is available with multiple brake sizes to optimize cost. Select higher torque for a stopping brake or lower torque for a VFD holding brake. Its various connector options make the DR motor especially suitable for automotive manufacturers.

Modular AC Motors and Brakemotors Standard Features Mounting Styles Insulation System