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Worldwide Electric Corp. Motor Controls

Worldwide Motor Controls

Worldwide Across - Line Magnetic Motor Starters

Worldwide Across - Line Magnetic Motor Starters

Across-Line Motor Starter

NEMA 1 steel enclosed heavy duty starter with ON / OFF pushbutton.
Pre-wired, easy to set up.

WWE HD Heavy Duty Reduced Voltage Soft Start Starters

WWE "HD" Heavy Duty Reduced Voltage Soft Start Starters

With Full Rated Wired Emergency Bypass Power Components Line Voltage Range Current Ratings AC Supply Voltage Start / Stop Control Choices Ramp Control Choices (4 built-in) Kick Start

Siemens VBII Safety Switches

Siemens VBII Safety Switches So Reliable, It Will Be Around For Generations To Come!

Siemens has built The VBII Safety Switch to be so durable, so reliable - it just might be around for the next millennium. In fact, The VBII gives you the confidence that once it is installed, you're done! Here's why:

Really Tough!

Built to last. Everything about The VBII Safety Switch has been designed for the engineer and installer. Siemens has rolled the enclosure's metal edges and corners to minimize cuts, nicks and scrapes to the installer's hands and conductors. Siemens has added generous wiring gutters to meet or exceed UL and NEC wire bending space requirements. The enclosure is more rigid and resilient and all parts are replaceable for easier service. Their quick-make, quick-break switching action, coupled with their double-break visible blade design ensures reliable operation in both general duty and heavy duty applications. Tough in the field yet easy on you.