Motor Controls

Motor controls are devices and systems designed to regulate the performance of electric motors. They play a pivotal role in the seamless operation of machinery and equipment in various industries. As the nerve center, these devices maintain precise control over motor functions, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

Dietz Electric is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality motor controls. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries, providing reliable solutions for efficient motor management.

Types of Motor Controls

Different types of motor controls are available for optimizing the performance of machinery in diverse industrial applications. Here are some of the common options:

  • AC and DC motor starters: These are crucial components designed to start and stop electric motors. We provide starters from very small motors to very large motors in both single and three phase.
  • Push buttons: As user-friendly interfaces, push buttons simplify motor control operations. Operators can start, stop, and manipulate motors, making them intuitive and accessible for various industrial applications.
  • Contactors: Contactors act as electrical relays that control the power supply to motors. They efficiently manage the operation of motors, offering a safe and effective means of starting and stopping.
  • Relays: Relays are vital in automating processes and safeguarding machines from electrical faults. These devices control one electrical circuit by opening or closing contacts in another, ensuring seamless and secure motor operation.
  • Soft starts: These components are designed to gradually ramp up voltage so that the motor starts softly and helps reduce mechanical stress during startup. This not only extends the lifespan of the motor but also other mechanical components that are part of the machine.
  • Pilot devices: These are control elements comprising lights, alarms, and indicators. They provide essential information about the status of motor-driven equipment. This visibility enhances operator awareness, allowing for effective monitoring and prompt responses to operation changes.
  • Overloads: These components automatically disconnect power in case of a current overload to protect motors from overheating. This prevents damage to the motor and ensures a safe working environment.

Advantages of Motor Controls

Here are the key benefits that make these components indispensable in the industrial realm:


One of the most important advantages of motor controls is enhancing safety in industrial environments. These devices include features such as overloads and soft starts, which help protect motors from damage. They also contribute to a safer workplace by preventing accidents and minimizing risks associated with abrupt starts or electrical faults.

Cost Savings

Efficient motor control systems optimize energy consumption. This reduces operational expenses by minimizing electricity usage. They also enhance equipment longevity, which decreases maintenance and replacement costs associated with wear and tear.

Increased Productivity

Fine-tuned adjustments provided by motor control systems optimize operational parameters, enhancing efficiency and promoting faster production cycles. This increased control and precision lead to improved throughput and reduced downtime, ultimately boosting overall productivity in industrial settings.

Better Performance

The application of motor controls comprehensively enhances machinery performance. For instance, AC and DC starters, soft starts, and other control devices enable a smooth and controlled startup. This minimizes equipment wear and tear, ensuring motors’ reliability and longevity while improving efficiency in various industrial applications.

Greater Control and Flexibility

Motor controls offer greater control and flexibility in industrial operations by enabling precise motor speed, torque, and direction adjustments. This adaptability allows for customization of processes, accommodating varying production demands and ensuring optimal performance.

Dietz Electric: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Motor Control Solutions

For over 70 years, Dietz Electric has been a full-service expert in electric motor control repair services, serving diverse industries. Explore our line of motor controls — including pilot devices, logic control, DC and AC contactors, pressure switches, and more — all at extremely competitive prices! As a broad-line stocking distributor, we also offer drives and power transmission products from leading manufacturers.

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