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Acme’s product offering covers the full spectrum of applications, from commercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions to specific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, to low voltage landscape lighting applications. All Acme products are designed, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE

Dry-Type Distribution

Acme’s low voltage distribution transformers are designed for industrial and commercial applications.

Energy Efficient Single Phase Transformers


Acme’s single phase transformers are designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. Transformers rated up to 25 kVA are enclosed within an encapsulated, NEMA 3R enclosures. Standard transformers rated from 37.5 to 250 kVA are enclosed in ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosures (optional weathershields to meet NEMA 3R requirements are available). Acme’s full line of single phase transformers include a range of options for primary and secondary winding voltages, stainless steel enclosures for use in corrosive environments, and 50/60 Hz rated models for export applications.

Note: Acme Transformers with a kVA rating of 37.5 or greater are Energy Efficient. Transformers rated 25kVA and lower are just regular encapsulated transformers.

Energy Efficient Three Phase Transformers


Acme’s low voltage distribution transformers are designed for industrial and commercial applications. All of Acme’s general purpose transformers are rated for 600 volts and below. Encapsulated units are offered in ratings up to 15kVA. Ventilated units are available in ratings up to 1000 kVA and meet the requirements of U.S. DOE 10 CFR Part 431 (NEMA TP1) efficiency standards. Non-linear load and harmonic mitigating transformers are designed for electrical systems with high levels of harmonic currents. Acme also offers the C3 POWERWISE energy efficiency transformer, which provides efficiency performance in excess of the U.S. DOE Candidate Standard Level 3 performance standard (NEMA Premium) requirements.

Harmonic Mitigation


Many of today’s electronic devices are non-linear loads generating high levels of harmonic currents that are then fed back onto your distribution system. This waveform distortion results in overheating of motors and transformers, increased neutral currents and malfuntion/damage to other equipment on the line. Acme Electric introduces a line of Harmonic Mitigating Transformers that combine the technologies shown in our non-linear load (K-Factor) transformers. Where conventional K-Factor transformers “deal” with harmonics, containing them within the transformer and preventing them from going further upstream; Harmonic Mitigating Transformers eliminate harmonics by pitting them against themselves. This technology not only results in “cleaner power” but also provides the most energy efficient means to deal with harmonic problems. 480 Delta Primary Volts – 208Y/120 Secondary Volts.

Non-Linear Load Isolation Transformers (K-Factor)


Non-linear loads generate high levels of harmonic currents. When supplying power to these loads, a special transformer design is necessary.

Typical non-linear loads include desktop computers, AC variable speed drives, HID lighting, electronic ballasts, inverters and welders. Of these non-linear loads, the major source of harmonic currents is the switch mode power supply found in desktop computers, data processors and other office equipment.

Acme Non-Linear Load Isolation Transformers® use special winding techniques to minimize eddy current losses generated by harmonic currents. A double-sized neutral conductor handles the excessive neutral current found in non-linear load applications.

Acme Non-Linear Load Isolation Transformers are shielded for cleaner power and carry the Acme exclusive 10-year limited warranty.

Drive Isolation


All Acme Drive Isolation Transformers (DITs) above 7.5kVA are wound with strip windings to ensure the lowest possible eddy current losses. All our DITs use a three leg wound core. This superior design has very low losses and quiet operation. Both of these features combine to significantly reduce losses and operation costs compared to other types of constructions.

All Acme DITs up to and including the 220kVA have copper terminations. The transition from aluminum strip coil conductors to copper terminations is accomplished by a bonding process known as “Koldwelding™” This process has been used by Acme for over 25 years to provide a trouble-free, permanent bonding of the two metals.

AC Line Reactors


Protect your sensitive equipment from harmful line disturbances with Acme AC Line Reactors. AC Line Reactors help prevent equipment failure and downtime, and can add years to the life of your equipment.

Industrial Control


Industrial Control Transformers provide a low and safe control voltage for the operation of electromagnetic devices such as motor starters, contactors, solenoids, timers or any other loads requiring above average voltage regulation when actuated.

Buck-Boost Transformers


Buck-Boost Transformers are small single phase transformers designed to reduce (buck) or raise (boost) line voltage from 5-20%. The most common example is boosting 208 volts to 230 volts, usually to operate a 230 volt motor such as an air-conditioner compressor, from a 208 volt supply line. Buck-Boost Transformers are an economical way to correct a potentially very serious problem. Anytime a line voltage change in the 5-20% range is required, a Buck-Boost Transformer should be considered as your first line of defense.


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