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Explosion-Proof and Hazardous Location Motors

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Hazardous locations are typically found in industries where flammable gasses and dusts are common, such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. In these environments, it is essential to have motors that can contain an explosion and ensure worker safety. One of the most popular solutions is using an explosion-proof motor. Explosion-proof motors are […]

A Guide to Electric Motors

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Table of Contents What is an Electric Motor? Types of Electric Motors DC Motors AC Motors Other Motors Hazardous Location Motors Electric Motor Services by Dietz Electric Introduction The electric motor is one of the most revolutionary inventions in recent history and has drastically changed the framework of human society. Today, electric motors are used […]

Hazardous Area Classification

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Hazardous area classification systems identify electrical equipment locations with potential fire and explosion risks and establish the necessary protections and installation methods based on the type, properties, and severity of the hazard. Companies in the USA and Canada use two classification systems: traditionally, the Class/Division/Group system and, increasingly, the Zone system employed throughout the rest […]


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