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Worldwide Across - Line Magnetic Motor Starters

Across-Line Motor Starter


NEMA 1 steel enclosed heavy duty starter with ON / OFF pushbutton. Pre-wired, easy to set up.

  • 2 – 200 HP
  • Multiple AC coil 200, 230, 460 and 575 volt
  • Adjustable differential thermal overload for better motor protection
  • Conduit knockouts for easy wiring
  • Automatic reset handle
  • Screw type termination
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Space saving design

WWE "HD" Heavy Duty Reduced Voltage Soft Start Starters


With Full Rated Wired Emergency Bypass

  • Separate start and run overload protection:
    Two programmable overload trip curves allow for the thermal capacity required to start the load, while providing more closely matched overload protection during the run time.
  • Integral bypass contactors are standard on all sizes and can soft start most any load.
  • Real-time thermal modeling a dynamic thermal register continuously calculates motor operating temperature even when your motor isn’t running.
  • PTC thermistor input for use on motors with embedded PTC temperature sensors.
  • Current imbalance trip and biasing of the thermal register.
  • Electronic shear pin trip (overcurrent) with trip delay.
  • Phase loss protection bases on current and voltage.
  • Equipment ground fault trip and monitoring.
  • Load loss trip (under current) with trip delay.
  • Pre-start shorted load protection checks for motor lead or winding damage.

Power Components

  • 6 SCRs in inverse parallel pairs for full phase angle soft start control
  • 1600V PIV rating on all units
  • RC snubber for dv/dt protection of each SCR pair

Line Voltage Range

  • 200 to 600 VAC, 3 phase + 10% – 15%, 50/60 Hz

Current Ratings

  • 18 to 800A depending on unit selection
  • Range of each unit is 50-100% of maximum

AC Supply Voltage

  • User supplied 120VAC + 10%-15% tolerance, 60 Hz
  • Optional 240VAC 50 Hz control available

Start / Stop Control Choices

  • 2-wire Run-Stop using dry contacts
  • 3-wire Start/Stop with built-in seal in contact
  • N.C. Interlock input (dry contact) for remote devices

Ramp Control Choices (4 built-in)

  • Voltage Ramp
  • Voltage Ramp with Current Limit
  • CLT© Closed Loop Torque Ramp (Current Ramp)
  • Current Step (current limit only)
  • Ramp times adjustable 1-120 seconds
  • Current limit adjustable 200-600% of FLA

Kick Start

  • 10-100% starting torque for 0.1-2 seconds

Siemens VBII Safety Switches


So Reliable, It Will Be Around For Generations To Come!

Siemens has built The VBII Safety Switch to be so durable, so reliable – it just might be around for the next millennium. In fact, The VBII gives you the confidence that once it is installed, you’re done! Here’s why:

  • Rugged metal handle with large red grip which provides highly visible ON/OFF indication.
  • Generous wire gutters that meet and/or exceed NEC wire bending space requirements.
  • A unique enclosure design that adds rigidity and strength. It also offers a touch-safe edge for the installer’s hand.
  • Visible blade, double-break switching action.
  • Spring reinforced fuse clips that assure reliable contact for cool operation.
  • Front removable mechanical lugs that are field convertible to copper mechanical lugs or compression (crimp) connectors.
  • A hinged clear line shield with proble holes for inspecting or testing line side terminals.

Really Tough!

Built to last. Everything about The VBII Safety Switch has been designed for the engineer and installer. Siemens has rolled the enclosure’s metal edges and corners to minimize cuts, nicks and scrapes to the installer’s hands and conductors. Siemens has added generous wiring gutters to meet or exceed UL and NEC wire bending space requirements. The enclosure is more rigid and resilient and all parts are replaceable for easier service. Their quick-make, quick-break switching action, coupled with their double-break visible blade design ensures reliable operation in both general duty and heavy duty applications. Tough in the field yet easy on you.


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