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ATB NORDENHAM GmbH has decades of experience. In 1952, the first explosion-proof motors in a flameproof enclosure were manufactured under the company name, Felten & Guilleaume (F&G) at the Nordenham plant. Always aware of the market’s needs, the company started developing and designing efficient, low-noise and low-maintenance machines early on which continue to earn the respect of the professional world today. In 2002, F&G Antriebstechnik was successfully integrated in the ATB Group. Today, ATB NORDENHAM GmbH is one of the industry‘s leading suppliers. The company’s specialization in motors in a flameproof enclosure means that customers benefit from its comprehensive expertise, long-standing experience and outstanding professional competence. ATB is also a competent partner when it comes to special products such as motors with an integrated frequency inverter in a flameproof enclosure and offshore motors or water-cooled configurations. The custom design, safety and reliability of all our solutions meet the specific requirements of our customers and legal requirements.

Safe Drives for Areas with a Risk of Explosion

ATB develops, designs and manufactures drive solutions in flameproof enclosures for areas with a risk of explosion belonging to zones 1/2 (gas) and zones 21/22 (dust). The different configurations are adapted to comply with individual national and international standards as well as sets of standards and regulations. Motors are manufactured in accordance with ATEX, IECEx, GOST and NEPSI, among others. All requirements of classification companies such as GL, LRoS, ABS and DNV are fulfilled.

Our Comprehensive Range of Products Includes, Among Other Things:

Standard efficiency motors:

ATB Atex
  • Sizes from 63-500 with a power range of 0.12-800 kW
  • All frequencies and electrical voltages worldwide up to 6.6 kV
  • Temperature classes T4, T5 and T6
  • Standard temperature range -20 to +40°C
  • Low temperature range -40°C/-55°C without heating, up to -60°C at request
  • High temperature range up to +60°C

Water-cooled motors:

  • Sizes 160-450; power range 13.5-450 kW
  • Compact drives with integrated frequency converter 0.75-11 kW
  • Universal chemical motors (UCM)/flexi-mount motors
  • Low noise motors in the noise classes 1 to 4
  • Brake motors

High efficiency motors IE2:

  • Sizes 80-400 with a power range of 0.75-375 kW

Premium efficiency motors IE3:

  • Sizes 80-400 with a power range of 0.75-375 kW
  • Super premium efficiency motors IE4 (under development)

Explosion-Proof On-Site Inverter

Motors Integrated Inverter
  • II 2G Ex de IIC T4 Gb
  • II 2D Ex tb IIIC T120°C Db

Areas Of Application

  • Supplementation of existing drives
  • Replacement of adjustable gears User Benefits
  • Autonomous device due to integrated protective equipment
  • Speed control optimizes efficiency during the process
  • Planning work is significantly reduced
  • No need for switch room
  • No additional


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