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First developed in 1834, electric motors have become an indispensable part of daily life for consumers and companies across the globe. Put simply, these versatile motors take electricity and turn it into physical motion. Depending on the specific type of motor used, they can provide tremendous amounts of speed or torque. Many people associate these machines with the small motors found in children’s toys, but electric motors are used in a huge range of applications, and are even employed to power the wheels of massive mining trucks.

How Electric Motors Work

Electric motors are a critical component in many of the devices we use every day; from the tiny motors in smartphones that allow them to vibrate to the powerful motors in cutting-edge electric cars, electric motors serve as multifunctional, indispensable parts in a range of different applications. Many modern conveniences would simply not exist without electric motors, and many industrial processes depend on them to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

While electric motors may seem like extremely complex mechanisms, the basic principles behind their functioning are quite simple. Electric motors take electrical energy and turn it into mechanical energy via electromagnetism, in which coil of wire with an iron core becomes an electromagnet when current passes through the wire.

This occurs because the electric charge traveling through a wire always generates a magnetic field. The more coils in the wire, the stronger the magnetic field. When found in an electric motor, this coil of wire is referred to as a solenoid. If current is then sent through a loop wire that lays within the magnetic field of the solenoid, that wire will feel a strong enough force to cause it to move. In this way, electricity has been turned into physical motion.

Types of Electric Motors

There are several different types of electric motors available. The rotor and stator design is one way to differentiate between various types. In electric motors, the stator creates a magnetic field and is either a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. The rotor rotates in the magnetic field created by the stator.

DC motors, usually found in 3D printers, remote-controlled cars, drones, and electric shavers, are often used for applications requiring control over speed or position. These motors have a permanent magnet for the stator and only use direct current. There are many different types of DC motors available, including stepper motors, brushed motors, and brushless motors, to name just a few. DC motors have a reputation for providing excellent torque and work quite well at variable speed.

Many everyday appliances, like blenders and washing machines, make use of universal motors. These motors are also used in power tools, such as cordless drills. Universal motors have an electromagnet for the stator and can be powered by either AC or DC current. They offer high speeds and good startup torque.

In industrial settings, you will find larger, more powerful electric motors. These are typically AC induction motors, which work differently than the universal motors described above. Industrial motors are found in various applications, including diesel trains, pumps, and compressors. In these motors, the stator is an electromagnet around the outside of the electric motor, and the rotor is a very dense set of coils packed into a cylinder. These motors are known for offering high efficiency and high power.

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