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Motor Protection and Circuit Breakers

  • Wide adjustment range 0.1 to 100A
  • IEC breaking capacity Icu 50kA (400V) up to 100A
  • Suitable for isolation Comprehensive line of accessories front mount contacts
  • Automatic trip indicators
  • High reliability and accuracy of tripping


  • Three-pole versions up to 630A in IEC AC3 duty
  • Four-pole versions up to 1600A in IEC AC1 duty
  • Versions for power factor correction up to 60kvar at 400VAC
  • Four-pole versions with 2NO+2NC or 4NC main poles
  • Low-consumption versions with DC control circuit for control relays and 9-38A contactors in IEC AC3 duty
  • Versions with AC or DC control Extensive choice of add-on blocks and accessories
  • Certified by primary international authorities

Motor Protection Relays

  • Thermal overload relays for currents between 0.09 and 420A
  • Phase failure sensitive and non phase failure sensitive versions
  • Automatic and/or manual resetting Independent or direct mounting on contactor
  • Thermistor protection relay

Electromechanical Starters

  • Direct-on-line starters in non-metallic enclosure complete with or without thermal relay
  • Versions with RESET or START/STOP pushbuttons
  • Non-metallic enclosures for customer-assembled starters
  • Reversing and changeover contactor assemblies
  • Star-delta starters, open frame and in non-metallic enclosure versions


  • 12A to 1200A starter ratings Standard and severe duty types Internal bypass contactor up to 245A rating
  • Torque ramp starting
  • Total motor protection incorporated Clock calendar
  • Digital control and adjustment RS232 and RS485 serial ports for remote supervision and control Modbus®-RTU and proprietary
  • ASCII communication protocols

AC Motor Drives

  • Versions for single-phase up to 2.2kW / 3HP and three-phase up to 630kW / 1000HP
  • Special function for pump and fan control using PID algorithm
  • Active earth leakage protection EMC suppressor built-in all versions
  • Selectable motor control mode: V/f, vector, energy saving
  • Selectable digital and analog input and output functions
  • IEC IP55 version available on request
  • HVAC version, compliant with IEC/EN 61000-3-12 standards, available on request.

Push Buttons and Selector Switches

  • Simple and snap on installation Highly conductive contacts Robust for severe ambient conditions
  • Contact operation: double breaking action, direct opening operation and self cleaning
  • Signal towers Ø70mm
  • Modular and combinations up to 7 modules
  • Steady or blinking light, pulsed or continuous sound modules
  • Signal beacons Ø62mm
  • Steady or blinking light, pulsed or continuous sound modules

Signal Towers & Beacons

  • Signal towers Ø70mm
  • Modular and combinations up to 7 modules
  • Steady or blinking light, pulsed or continuous sound modules.
  • Signal beacons Ø62mm
  • Steady or blinking light, pulsed or continuous sound modules

Limit, Micro and Foot Switches

  • Dimensions to EN 50047 standards Dimensions compatible to EN 50047
  • Dimensions to EN 50041 standards Direct opening action of NC contacts Extensive range of operating heads Versions complete with interchangeable and rotatable heads Insertable and interchangeable auxiliary contact blocks.

Rotary Cam Switches

  • Suitable for circuit connection, changeover, switching on and off as well as motor starting
  • Possible special circuit schemes IEC IP40 or IP65 front degree of protection 2-screw fixing
  • Wide range of features

Switch Disconnects

  • 16A to 1600A ratings
  • Versions: direct operating handle, door coupling and in housing
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Types for photovoltaic applications up to 850A 1000VDC in DC21B duty
  • Changeover switches in polycarbonate enclosure

Fuse Holders

  • Modular size for 10×38, 14×51 and 22x58mm fuses
  • Finger safe – IEC IP20 degree of protection against accidental contact with live parts and with sealable cover for operators’ safety
  • Version with status indicator to quickly determine if the fuse is still operative or needs to be replaced
  • UL and CSA certified versions

Surge Protection Devices

  • Protection against overvoltage and high surge conditions caused by direct or indirect lightning strikes
  • Types with plug-in cartridge provide fast servicing capability
  • Mechanical indicator for visual failure status signalling of single modules
  • Versions with or without output for remote SPD status indication
  • Versions for photovoltaic applications

Modular Contactors

  • Two, three and four-pole versions, 20A to 63A
  • Very silent during operation or control stage
  • Operation flag indicator Add-on auxiliary contacts

Other Items Offered by Lovato

  • Earth Leakage Relays
  • Time Relays
  • Protection relays
  • Level Control Relays
  • Micro PLC’s
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Automatic Battery Chargers
  • Current Transformers
  • Automatic Power Factor Controllers
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers


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