Custom Electric Motors

With more than seven decades of experiencing developing electric motors, Dietz Electric is proud to specialize in electric motors, drives, and power transmissions, providing full-service capabilities for companies across a wide range of industries.

Our expert team creates custom electric motors to meet clients’ unique specifications, providing customers peace of mind that all projects will be completed on time, every time — no matter how unusual or complex the requirements. For clients on extremely tight timelines, our custom motors serve as highly reliable solutions.

Common Applications for Custom Electric Motors

Electric motors are available in several different styles and types and are therefore used across a wide range of applications. Electric motors also play a key role in industrial equipment and machinery, such as diesel trains, pumps, and compressors. Whether the setting is domestic, industrial, or commercial, some type of electric motor is probably in use. For this reason, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often require specialized, custom electric motors.

In certain fields – such as the medical, construction, industrial, material handling, agriculture, HVAC, and food processing sectors – working with custom electric motors is crucial for OEMs looking to meet stringent industry regulations. Building a custom electric motor gives the purchaser more control over the final product while ensuring optimal quality and performance.

Custom electric motors allow for unique specifications, and various modifications can be made to the manufacturing process; for instance, reduced assembly time, reduced labor needs during production, and fewer individual and purchased parts can all translate to greater cost savings.

Dietz’s Custom Motor Design Capabilities

When it comes to special electric motors, Dietz can do it all. Below is a list of special motors we can produce in small quantities very fast. Please contact us for quotation and super fast delivery on all your special and standard motor requirements.

Brake Motors NEMA or IEC up to 500HP, braking torque’s to 1000 lb – ft.
High Altitude Up to 15000 feet ASL
Multi-Speed Constant Torque, Variable Torque, 1 winding, or 2 winding
Washdown Washdown duty motors any size or Configuration
Explosion Proof Division 1 – Division 2 explosion proof

Dietz stocks top-of-the-line motors from 24 respected manufacturers. Our full list of modification capabilities can be found below.

Anti-Condensation Heaters
Auxiliary Condulet/T-Box
Bearings (Special)
Bearings, Insulated
Brake Motors
B14 – B5 Flange
Centrifuge Duty
CE Mark
Class H Insulation
Cooling Tower spec.
Custom Paint/Coating
Division II (Expl.)
Double Shafts
Down-sized Frames
Epoxy & Fungus Proofing Custom Motor
Extended Leads
Group A, B, Division 1
50 Hertz
High Ambient Temperature
High Voltage (13.2KV)
IEC Frames
Labyrinth Seals
Inverter Duty
Lead Lugs
Low Speed Motors
Marine Duty IEEE45
Military Specification
Monel Shafts
NFPA 496 Purged mtrs.
Non-Standard Voltages
Oversized Terminal Box
Part Winding Start
Precision Balancing
Regreasable Bearings
Round Body
Shaft Grounding
Shafts (modified)
Slow speeds to 30 pole
Smoke Extraction
Synchronous Motors
T.E. Blower
TS Short Shaft Modification
Washdown Duty
Wound Rotor Custom Motor

Dietz is also proud to provide motors suitable for use in Class I, Group A, B, Division 1 hazardous locations. In areas where hydrogen is present and the danger level is high, custom explosion-proof motors are an ideal solution for ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. Dietz offers these motors in all NEMA frame sizes, ¼-100 hp, in both foot and flange mountings. Single-phase motors are also available.

Dietz also offers many manufacturers that produce ATEX, and IECex hazardous location motors. These models are ideal for areas where explosive gases, and dusts are present. Different configurations are available to ensure compliance with various national and international standards, as well as other relevant standards and regulations. These motors are highly versatile and can be supplied with many options and protection levels.

We also offer brake motors from Baldor, which are available in a few different configurations: totally enclosed fan-cooled, open drip-proof, and explosion-proof. These motors are also available in both single- and three-phase models. Highly versatile, Baldor brake motors are ideal for use in machine tools, conveyors, door operators, speed reducers, hoists, and any application requiring quick stops and positive holds.

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Dietz is proud to be a one-stop shop for all of your custom electric motor needs, supplying special and modified motors that comply with the strictest standards while meeting the most demanding application requirements. In fact, difficult and unusual specifications are our specialty.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom electric motor services and discuss your options with an expert.


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