Class I, Groups A & B, Divsion 1 Purged Motors

Motor suitable for operation in Class I, Group A, B, Division 1 Hazardous Locations

These electric motors are constructed to the requirements of U.L. Class I, Group C & D, Division 1. They are then modified to accept purge fittings on the motor and terminal box. In addition to the purge fittings the motor is also supplied with a Pepperl+Fuchs “Type X” purging system. This can be mounted on the motor, or wall mounted within 5 feet of the motor. The size of the motor is limited by the area to be purged.

The Pepperl+Fuchs type “X” pressurization or purging system operates on a supply of compressed instrument air or inert gas. It is designed to regulate and monitor the pressure within the motor and terminal box in order to remove and prevent flammable vapor or gas accumulation. In Class I areas, the system is designed to accomplish ten air exchanges and maintain a safe (0.25″) pressure inside the motor enclosure. In addition the system includes and electrical power control unit (EPCU) that monitors system operation and controls motor power. All start-up requirements must be satisfied before the (ECPU) will allow power to the motor. These processes reduces the Hazardous (Classified) Area Rating within the motor and terminal box, in accordance with the NEC – NFPA 70, Article 500, NFPA 496 and ISA ds12.4.

In accordance with detailed instructions on the system, start – up requires the air supply to be engaged and ECPU power to be energized. In Class 1 Areas, the system must perform an exchange cycle (determined by the safe pressure flow rate – five minutes minimum) before power can be applied. Loss of safe pressure causes the ECPU to shut power down to the motor. All systems include form “C” contacts for audible or visual alarm systems.

Dietz supplies the motor and type “X” purging system as a complete unit. The motor has stainless steel nameplates indicating the system is suitable foroperation in Class I, Group A or B, Division 1 hazardous areas. Additional stainless steel nameplates are also attached to the motor explaining the operation and warnings associated with purged electric motors for use in hazardous areas. U.L. and CSA do not certify motors for operation in Class 1, Groups A,B, Division 1 Hazardous locations. The only option to use NEMA electric motor in these locations is to use a purged motor. The Pepperl Fuchs purge controller is certified Type X, Class I, Groups A,B,C,D, Class II, Groups E,F,G, Division 1 to NFPA 496

These motors are available in many mounting configurations. Please contact one of our engineers to get details on specific applications, and your requirements. Acceptance of our system is subject to approval by the authority having jurisdiction at the installation.


The Pepperl+Fuchs EPS 6000 series Type X/ Ex px purging system is a complete automatic system that will purge and pressurize the protected enclosure and maintain pressure within the enclosure.

Note: Vents are required for all 6000 series purging systems.

The 6000 series purge system reduces the classification within the protected enclosure from Zone 1 and 21 to non-hazardous area. General purpose equipment can be operated within the protected enclosure.

  • Suitable for Class I and II, Division 1/ Zone 1 and Zone 21 to non-hazardous area applications
  • Enclosure sizes up to 250 cubic ft. (7.01 cubic meters)
  • The Type X/ Ex px system conforms to ATEX, NFPA 496 and ISA 12.4 DEMKO, UL cULus, IEC Ex

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