NEMA UL - CSA Motors

UL Listed and CSA Certified
Division 1 Explosion Proof Motors

CSA and Non Agency or
Self Certified Hazardous Location Motors

Here at Dietz we specialize in motors suitable for use in hazardous locations. Our experts can assist you in providing the correct motors for any hazardous area. We have years of experience in specifying motors to meet the requirements of the national fire protection association and certified by U.L., C.S.A,. We have extensive experience supplying hazardous area motors for all U.S., and international standards, whether they be U.L., CSA, we stock standard NEMA Class I, Group C & D, Division 1, explosion proof motors up to 100HP.

We can also supply U.L. & CSA certified Division 1 motors to Class I, Groups C & D, and Class II, Groups E, F, & G. Division 1.

Motors that meet the requirements of the National Electric Code NFPA 70 501-(b) 1999, And CSA certified for operation in Class, Groups A,B,C, D Division 2. We can also supply Non-agency certified Class I, Groups A,B,C,D, Division 2 Single Phase.

In addition to standard explosion proof motors we also offer motors suitable for use in Class I, Group A & B, Division 1 hazardous locations. These motors are designed to operate in areas where Hydrogen is present (or gases or vapors equivalent in hazard to hydrogen gas) We can offer these motors in all NEMA frame sizes ¼ – 200HP in foot and flange mountings. Single phase motors are also available.


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