drives-vacon Vacon Variable Frequency Drives

VACON 10 – As easy as possible


VACON 10 is a compact drive designed for applications where simplicity and efficiency are key requirements. All the functionality is built into a single unit, with the option of DIN-rail mounting available to enable quick and easy installation and handling time. A forced cooled heat sink is a key feature in facilitating its compact size.


  • Easy-to-use push button interface
  • Wide standard I/O
  • Temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Side-by-side mounting
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Built-in PI controller DIN-rail mounting available


  • Short installation time
  • Fast commissioning
  • Space-saving design
  • Parameter copying without main power

VACON 20 – Possibilities and performance


VACON 20 has a performance level far beyond what you’d expect in a compact AC drive. A wide power range of up to 18.5 kW and built-in PLC functionality make it highly adaptable and its quick and easy installation process mean it is perfect for efficient volume manufacturing applications such as packaging and processing.


  • Wide power range up to 18.5 kW/25 HP
  • Available in voltages 110-600V
  • Built-in RS-485 interface for fieldbus control
  • Full I/O + optional board support
  • Built-in choke as option in ≥16A types
  • Pulse train input
  • Easy user interface
  • Built-in PLC functionality based on IEC61131-3
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • DIN-rail mounting available


  • High functionality and performance
  • Fieldbus support for many systems, including CANOpen, DeviceNet & Profibus
  • Parameter copying without main power
  • Custom-made software available
  • Fast and easy installation and setup

VACON 20 X – Performance under pressure

VACON 20 X sees Vacon utilizing its experience in producing high-class enclosed drives to offer a decentralized drive solution with countless possibilities.

An IP66/Type 4X Outdoor enclosure offers the best possible protection from harsh conditions and a pressure equalizer vent allows the drive to breathe while preventing the rubber sealing from being worn down. Other great features such as large cooling ribs and an integrated main switch make VACON 20 X the right choice when your drive needs to be installed right in the field. VACON 20 X comes in the power range 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW – for motor mountable solutions providing power up to 30 kW, see VACON 100 X decentralized AC drive.


  • IP66/Type 4X Outdoor enclosure
  • Large cooling ribs
  • 2g resistance to vibrations (according to 3M6/IEC 60068-2)
  • Option of integrated main switch
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) according to SIL3
  • Runs induction and permanent magnet motors
  • Integrated PID controller
  • Wide amount of fieldbus connections
  • Built-in EMC filter for category level C2
  • Brake chopper integrated


  • Cost savings from decentralized concept
  • Can be used in almost any indoor environment
  • Can be cleaned with pressurized water
  • Custom-made software solutions with built-in PLC functionality for OEMs
  • Mountable in any position; fits into any available space

VACON NXL – The easy and impressive AC drive

Vacon NXL MF5

The Vacon NXL is a powerful standard AC drive for industrial and residential purposes in the power range from 0.75 to 30 kW.

It comes with space-saving bookshelf design, high protection classes, versatile control and programming capabilities which offer an optimal solution for all operating environments. Installation, connection and commissioning procedures are extremely quick and convenient with instructions attached to the unit.


  • Trouble-free choice for all open loop applications
  • Standard unit fulfills EMC requirements for industrial, public and residential environments
  • IP21/Type 1 and IP54/Type 12 protection classes
  • Installation instructions integrated into each unit
  • High starting torque and dynamics due to open-loop vector control
  • High switching frequency (up to 16 kHz, 6 kHz standard)
  • Standard control I/O with option to be extended. RS485 integrated as standard


  • No additional cabinets required
  • Everything integrated as standard (dust/water protection, RFI filter, AC choke, brake chopper)
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Large amount of control possibilities (via I/Os, field buses or display panel)
  • Large amount of features (e.g. fully programmable I/O, auto-identification, PID controller, flying start)
  • High performance

VACON NXS – Robust drive for heavy use


The Vacon NXS is a neatly-proportioned standard AC drive in the power range of 0.75 – 560 kW and supply voltages of 208-690 V for heavy use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry.

The robust design incorporates effective protection against supply network disturbances. Reliable operation is ensured thanks to sophisticated motor control principles, motor/drive protection features, component selection and effective cooling.


  • IP21/Type 1 & IP54/Type 12 enclosures
  • Easy to use display panel
  • Interactive programming with Start-Up Wizard
  • Versatile All-in-One Package
  • PID controller and PFC for 1-5 pumps
  • Special applications available
  • Five slots for control boards (2 basic boards and 3 option boards)
  • High switching frequency, low noise
  • Steady state speed error < 1%
  • Low torque ripple
  • Starting torque < 200%, depending on AC drive sizing
  • Suitable for multi-motor applications


  • Integrated high-level EMC filters make the Vacon NXS suitable for all environments
  • Start-Up Wizard and All-In-One Application Package for easy parameter setting
  • Multi-monitoring system enables simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 values
  • Standard I/O and option for five I/O boards provide versatile controllability
  • Most common fieldbus options available

VACON 100 –100 reasons to choose from


VACON 100 is a multipurpose drive that can be used in hundreds of different applications. Its versatility is what sets it apart from competitors, and the features it contains are designed to make it easy to run and maintain. Built-in Ethernet allows for easy integration to plant automation and VACON Live means the user can commission, maintain and monitor performance remotely. The drive can be customized for all kinds of purposes to ensure you get the most out of it, whatever the environment you need it for.


  • Built-in Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU. Profinet I/O or Ethernet/IP as software option
  • Integrated Safe torque off (STO) option, Safe Stop and ATEX thermistor protection
  • EMC compliance with integrated RFI filter
  • Integrated DC chokes
  • Conformal coating
  • Compact IP54/UL Type 12 with same footprint as IP21/UL Type 1
  • Flange mounting
  • Side by side mounting for IP54/UL Type 12
  • Standard I/O + 3 free slots
  • Fieldbus options, integrated PLC capability
  • High efficiency >97% + energy optimization
  • Energy counter
  • Real time clock with calendar based functions
  • Optimized control of cooling fan
  • Drive Optimizer for adapting functionality


  • Compliance with global standards and approvals
  • Easy integration into plant automation
  • All-in-one package – no additional accessories required
  • Easy and cost effective commissioning, installation and monitoring
  • Suitable for wide installation needs
  • Wide power range 0.55 kW to 160 kW

VACON 100 HVAC - Premium AC drive for indoor climate control


VACON 100 HVAC is an AC drive developed especially for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. It comes with a power range of 0.55-160 kW and for supply voltages of 230 V, 400 V or 480 V. Designed specifically for the building automation industry, VACON 100 HVAC can enhance pump, fan and compressor applications.

Easy installation and efficient, trouble-free operation mean that just about anyone can commission VACON 100 HVAC with a speedy return on investment guaranteed.


  • Enclosure classes IP21/Type 1 and IP54/Type 12
  • BMS controller with industrial ethernet and RS485 protocols
  • BACnet IP and Modbus TCP via Ethernet and Modbus RTU, Metasys N2 and BACnet MSTP via RS485 available as standard
  • EMC harmonics: EN 61000-3-12 compliant
  • IEC61800-5-1 (2007), UL 508 C safety approval
  • CE, UL, cUL approvals
  • Graphical HMI keypad
  • Built-in PID controller
  • Standard I/O and optional expansion cards
  • Real Time Clock with battery backup
  • No charge time during storage time
  • RoHS compliant, no electrolytic capacitors, no lead in the circuit boards


  • Dedicated drive for HVAC applications:
    • Pumps
    • Fans
    • Compressors (chillers)
  • Built-in communication saves on investment costs
  • No need for additional harmonics filter
  • All circuits are designed with IEC 60721-3-3 for high immunity in demanding environments
  • IP54/Type 12 units save space and costs
  • Plenum-mountable to save on costs and easily integrated

VACON 100 X – A decentralized drive like no other


The VACON 100 X sets a new benchmark for decentralized drive solutions. It has a power range up to 37 kW – unmatched by competitors – and has highly advanced control capability which guarantees processes run exactly how you want them to.

The IP66/Type 4X Outdoor enclosure opens up a whole range of possibilities for a standard drive. Cabinets, shielded cabling and electrical rooms are no longer needed, meaning that the drive can be placed as close to the motor as necessary. This makes it perfect for scenarios where external factors may be an issue, such as retrofitting, rooftop and applications that are subject to regular washdowns.

A die-cast metal enclosure provides the best protection available, a breathable pressure equalizer vent protects the sealings and a heatsink cooling system which isn’t dependent on motor airflow. On top of all this, it has built-in harmonic filtering chokes, making it easy to see why this is is the ideal motor mountable solution for all sorts of applications. For a more compact solution which also provides IP66/Type 4X Outdoor protection, see VACON 20 X decentralized AC drive.


  • IP66/Type 4X Outdoor enclosure
  • 3g resistance to vibrations (according to 3M7/IEC 60068-2)
  • Supports both induction and permanent magnet motors
  • Option of ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C
  • Integrated with RS485 Modbus and Industrial Ethernet communication
  • Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) mode according to SIL3
  • Built-in EMC filter for EN61800-3 category C2 (C1 as option)
  • DC choke and film capacitor meets EN61000-3-12 requirements
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • PTC input as standard


  • Able to withstand rough conditions such as heat, dirt and vibrations
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Approval for public networks makes it flexible for installation
  • Vacon Programming enables top class integration for countless OEM applications
  • High efficiency and simulated air flow ensure long lifetime
  • Motor/machine Mountable in any position; fits into any available space

VACON X series – The toughest AC drives on the planet


The VACON X Series is a rugged family of variable speed AC drives, built and designed for harsh industrial environments. They come with IP66/UL Type 4X and IP55/UL Type 3R enclosures for the ultimate protection from potential hazards such as moisture, dust or extreme temperatures.

VACON X4 and VACON X5 offer high performance and a load of features for a wide range of industrial or outdoor applications with capabilities ranging from simple press-and-run keypad operation to a real-time clock, advanced PLC functions and a USB port interface.


  • IP66/UL Type 4X Indoor and Outdoor Use enclosures through to 100 HP; IP55/UL Type 12 for 125 HP and above
  • Withstands 1,000 PSI washdown from 6 inches away on models though 30 HP
  • Thick injected foam and metal covers protect against bumps and misuse
  • Withstands 1000 PSI washdown from 12 inches away on models through 100HP
  • ARCTIC Mode maintains safe operating temperature in cold locations
  • Built-in 9-step PLC function
  • Modbus RTU as standard fieldbus communications
  • Dynamic Breaking resistors included as standard
  • Real-time clock


  • Toughest enclosures able to withstand power washing
  • Intuitive programming and smart user interface make series easy to adopt
  • Advanced process options for precise control and flexibility
  • Decentralized solution which is mountable near where it is being used
  • Versatile; Operable from keypad, remote signals and computers
  • Simple navigation and programming
  • No need for separate PLC = reduced system costs


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