ATEX & IECEx Certified Motors

If you have a requirement for motors that must be ATEX or IECEx certified, we have many options and manufacturers that can meet your needs. Dietz represents ATB, ABB, Siemens, Brook Crompton, and Lafert. We have many years supplying motors for the international market and have expertise in specifying and complying with International specifications. We can even supply DC flameproof motors.

This protection prevents any explosion transmission from inside of enclosure to outside because:

  • The motor itself is ‘explosion proof’ which means that in case of any explosion inside the motor the explosion is not transmitted to the explosive atmosphere outside the enclosure.
  • The maximum surface temperature outside the motor does not exceed the temperature class for which the motor is certified
  • No sparks occur outside the motor enclosure.

The ATEX Directive corresponding to category 2 must be followed.

  • Any parts which can ignite an explosive atmosphere are placed in enclosure, measures are taken to ensure that the enclosure withstands the pressure developing during an internal explosion and prevents the transmission to the explosive atmosphere surrounding the enclosure.
  • Equipment must be fitted with suitable cable and conduit entries

To be installed in Zone 1, the motor must comply with Category 2 requirements, even though it is used in Zone 2.

This type of protection can be used for electrical and non-electrical equipment.


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