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Electric motor ATEX

Euromotori ATEX electric motors are built in compliance to Directive No. 94/9/EC fulfilled ( ATEX ), referring to the definition of minimum requirements for safety equipment for installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Standards EN 60079-0:2006 and EN 60079-1:2004 determined for each group of storage space, gases and vapors are formed.

Ex flameproof motors = “d” of the motor housing and safer “and” terminal box

DUST : Area 21 and 22 II 2D IP66 T 85 °C T 100 °C T 135 °C T 155 °C according to EN 60079-7:2007

Our electric motors are manufactured explosion-proof safety compliance required by the ATEX Directive and is certified as evidenced by the certification exam issued by CESI, an organization Notifier No. 0722 . Italy The motors explosion-proof series, Ex d, can work in a gas and/or explosives and flammable vapors can not find any problem in case of failure itself : Explosion-proof : its casing does not crack or explode in the event of a short circuit.

A litmus test : does not allow gases and flames go.

Are prepared in accordance with CENELEC harmonized standards EN 60079-0:2006, EN 60079-1:2004, EN 61241-1:2004, EN 61241-0:2006 and be suitable for hazardous areas defined in 60079-10.14 1

Temperature Class

Euromotori motors are certified for temperature class T3 – T4 – T5 (T6 few). The ATEX directive defines the relationship between the class of temperature and the surface temperature of the motor : Temperature max. superficial °C

  • T1 450
  • T2 300
  • T3 200
  • T4 135
  • 100 T5
  • T6 85

Key Features

  • Size: 56 ÷ 160
  • Casing shields and terminal box Cast Iron Mechanical regulation of IP – 55 Fan cover IP- 2x Fan antichispa plastic, up to 160
  • Powder coating RAL 5010 Screws plated or nickel – cadmium Plate – Stainless Steel
  • ZZ Ball Bearings on both sides of the engine Terminal box

Located at the top with cable entry can be rotated 90° fan.

There are 2 cable GK GAS UNI 6125 or metric or NPT. The motors are equipped with thermal probes or heating elements are always provided for the entry of additional cable.

Voltage and Frequency

The engines may have the supply voltage of 660 volts at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. In compliance with IEC motors oscillation may have a nominal voltage of ± 5 % and ± 2 % Rated frequency of operation obviously nominal power.

Connection to Earth

Each engine is equipped with two grounding a terminal box and one in the Caracazo


Values of vibration of our engines meet the standards set by IEC 60034-14 and ISO 2373 for quality N as half pins in accordance with ISO 8821. We will, upon request, will build value- level vibration R.

Noise Level

Also the noise levels are within normal limits. The method used for measuring compliance with IEC 60034-9, ISO R 1680


The powers indicated on the label for continuous ( S1 ), voltage and frequency, is the ambient temperature up to 40° C and up to 1000 m sem. The engines are certified by groups IIA – IIB – IIC Gas Zone 1 and 2 II 2G Ex d, Ex.

MAK Series Motors

MAK Series Motors
MAK Series Motors

Ex d, Ex d e, II B e II C, II2G e II2GD, T3 – T4 T5 e T6

  • Three-phase
  • Mono-phase
  • Double speed
  • Brake motors
  • Motors for inverter duty
  • Torque motors
  • Forced ventilation motors
  • Eff 1 Motors
  • Motors for ambient from -55C to + 60C
  • Specials applications

LEX Series Motors

Ex nA II T3 IP65 II 3 G – Zone 2
Ex tD A21 IP65 T 135C II 2D – Zone 21

LEN Series Motors

Ex tD A22 IP55 T 155C II 3D – Zone 22


  • IECE x Motors MAK 56-160
  • CESI 06 ATEX 059
  • CESI 06 ATEX 060
  • ICEPI07ATEX03C009
  • Manual instructions LEX Series
  • Manual instructions LEN Series


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