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Standard Single-Phase Uras Vibrators

Durable, high quality vibrators developed through decades of engineering, innovation, and field experience, the Standard Uras Vibrator is the world standard for vibrators.

The Uras Vibrator consists of an electric motor with unbalanced weights attached to both ends of the shaft. It is a very simple and effective design which has been continuously improved for more than 50 years in order to minimize the harmful effects of vibration on the motor and maximize the service life. Uras Vibrators are reliable even in harsh environments such as deserts or at sea, and for useoutdoors in all weather conditions.


  • Innovative anti-vibration construction allows for easy maintenance and provides a long service life.
  • Small models don’t require periodic greasing.
  • Range of 2 to 8 pole models supports a wide variety of needs.
  • Entire lineup is suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Compact design supports horizontal, diagonal, and vertical installation.
  • CSA and CE markings are available.


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